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My comic incentives are NSFW
Comic List To Vote ( October 2018 )
One-Click Voting Statistics
Comics (56) Guest
(Given / Received)
Team 541 2931500 / 1099 97%
It's New Day!
4991581 / 1165 100%
4881550 / 1153 100%
Heroes of the World and Beyond
5091581 / 1190 100%
Strange Attractors 2581447 / 1090 97%
No Future
5081578 / 1190 100%
I'm Not Your Friend
2971578 / 1191 100%
Power of the Universe
4781573 / 1188 100%
MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
4591581 / 1196 100%
GRUNK 4261500 / 1137 97%
4881544 / 1176 100%
Missing Pieces 3101529 / 1165 97%
The Cat, The Vine and The Victory
2681551 / 1191 100%
Pacifica 2811528 / 1179 97%
Radio Silence
2731485 / 1155 100%
Wastelanders Anonymous 3111477 / 1151 94%
Tangled River 2641497 / 1173 97%
Planet Chaser 2631469 / 1169 94%
Twin Lights 2701397 / 1136 94%
Gifts of wandering ice 2661422 / 1175 90%
Book of Lies 4951388 / 1156 90%
LOSTLAND 4091391 / 1168 94%
Unichat 4321379 / 1169 87%
The Uncontrollable Wreck-Lass 4711376 / 1168 87%
Towards Eden 4631365 / 1180 90%
The Sovereigncy 2651370 / 1189 87%
Linked 4361340 / 1174 84%
Galebound 2901324 / 1161 87%
Utopia Next 4881321 / 1177 90%
Brujagh 2661303 / 1171 84%
M9 Girls! 3681274 / 1164 84%
Whispers in the Wind 2491273 / 1167 84%
Robo Hole 3601236 / 1155 81%
Arbalest 2621236 / 1156 84%
CHAMPS 2521089 / 1092 74%
Rankless 4321128 / 1138 74%
The Angel with Black Wings 2571089 / 1114 74%
Heroic Shenanigans 3011117 / 1165 77%
Fate 4401078 / 1150 68%
The Pale 271970 / 1047 77%
All Dark University 2611013 / 1137 81%
Optional Dungeon 114497 / 558 32% (-15d)
The Beard 108462 / 525 32% (-16d)
Supervillainous 262972 / 1164 65%
Synthetic Life 263839 / 1054 55%
Fallacy 253620 / 873 39%
Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana 257791 / 1146 55%
Centralia 2050 253613 / 1006 42%
Bruno Harm 256522 / 887 42%
FACTION 253484 / 838 32%
Mnemosyne X Powerhouse 305359 / 653 26%
Last Traveler 243563 / 1097 65%
Tales from the Interface 259195 / 482 13% (-1d)
7 Inch Kara 252289 / 1001 29%
Serenade Song 242250 / 927 16%
Obscurato 22031 / 201 3%
Icon Reference
Opted-out from my custom list (Vote Bt = Orange)
Opted-out from their custom list (Vote Bt = Orange)
Opted-out from both custom lists (Vote Bt = Disabled)
N Incoming Guest Voting Activity today and/or yesterday
N Incoming Guest Voting Activity today and/or yesterday (On My Add-on Comic(s))
Positive Ratio (Given >= Received)
Negative Ratio (Given < Received)
No Given Votes Ratio
This comic incentives are NSFW
Add-on Comic
To Create a custom list, click the attendance icons
  • * Voted for my comic today (bold = given since my last visit)
  • Buttons become available again the beginning of next day.
  • The list resets every month.
  • The next month submissions start 5 days before the end of the current month.
How it works
  1. Register your comic
  2. Add your comic to the list to vote reciprocally (not needed when you register the 1st time)
  3. Bookmark the provided url (, if don't know this url, try looking on your browser's history
  4. Always Visit the website using the bookmarked url!
  5. You must confirm that you're logged in at TWC by clicking a link (asked once a day). Before confirming, you need to go check if you're logged in or not, and login if necessary, This became necessary since TWC captcha was upgraded.
  6. Click the vote buttons (every time you click, the button becomes unavailable until the beginning of the next day (not necessarily 24h), the remaining time is displayed on the button itself, it's the same time displayed at TWC). A new window showing the TWC reward page will appear. As the button becomes unavailable, the banner starts linking to the manual vote in order to fix any non logged-in mistake. You can also perform "guest voting" (TWC Captcha) by clicking the links on the column next to the buttons. Consult "Guest Voting" below for more information.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 everyday until the month ends
  8. You can also vote on the Extra list at any time
Who can vote?
  • Extra List - All Registered Users
  • Reciprocal List - All Registered Users Who joined the current month
Who can receive votes?
  • One-sided - All Registered Users
  • Reciprocal - All Registered Users Who joined the current month
Voting Methods
  1. Clicking the individual buttons method #1 (1 click + close TWC window per comic)
  2. Clicking the individual buttons method #2 (1 click + let TWC window open + stay on the list for the remaining votes)
  3. Handshake Buttons (Automated Voting)
Guest Voting
  • Guest voting is a complementary voting method which allows users to perform manual voting through TWC's captcha system and that way get that extra vote allowed by TWC system.
  • Each comic has a number that refers the received visits on the CAPTCHA page (Unique user visits), this number does not indicate real votes, not all visits may have ended with a vote.
  • To vote simply click the number, you can also click on your own, note that guest voting redirects to instead of
  • Important: Only click the links if you really intend to vote manually for that comic, don't cheat! If you find too troublesome to vote on all, choose some to vote rather than cheat on all ;)
  • The comics that voted on your comic today and/or yesterday will appear with a dashed border circle, it helps you keep track of your "guest voting" buddies.
  • Guest voting is 100% optional.
  • Important: Note that Guest Voting is an alternative voting method, it's a simple counter that shows the received votes, the more elaborated statistics and the conditions to continue receiving votes are all related to the main voting method (the one-click vote buttons)
Who is listed in the Extra list by default?
  • Custom Admin submitted comics (Yet to be registered by the author)
  • Users who registered but didn't join their comic to the current month's list
  • Users who registered their comic during the start list period
What mean the Extra list sort options?
  • Sort by Custom Entries - Admin submitted entries listed on top
  • Sort by title - Sorted by comic title
  • Sort by Status - Lists in order: Joined (non joined users only); Non Joined; Unregistered
Special Features
  • Handshake Button - Allows you to automatically vote for the pending handshake votes (votes yet to be returned by you) or simply initiate new votes
  • Custom List - Allows a creation of a custom list by clicking the attendance icons (On the reciprocal list, a reciprocal opt-out, disables the vote button on both sides)
How do I create a custom list?
  • While in "All Comics" Mode - Click the attendance icons (they'll turn white), then click "Show custom list"
  • While in "Custom List" Mode - Click the attendance icons (they'll turn white), then reload page
Add-on Comics
  • Add-on Comics are secondary comics added to the same account of your main comic. Add-on comics is a feature that allows the elimination of redundant votes from users with more than one comic.
  • Add-on Comics inherit parent's outbound votes, they still receive votes normally.
  • You may add add-on comics to the month's reciprocal list, but, to give them outbound votes, your main comic must be on the list as well
Types of Vote Button Status
  • - You already voted for this comic today
  • - My Own comic button
  • - Available to vote
  • - X minutes to list reset
  • - X hours/minutes of delay remaining to allow TWC counter reset
  • - Vote that may not be handshaked (One side is opted-out)
  • - Reciprocal Opt-out
  • Invalid - The comic has been marked by admin as having an invalid TWC id or is a clone of other comic already in the list.
  • Pend. - Comic is suspected of being a clone and button is waiting admin approval. Automatically set by the system.
  • Hiatus - Author set his/her comic as being in hiatus.
  • Idle/Low Ratio - System set his/her comic as being inactive/Low ratio.
Display Order (Month's Reciprocal List) New/Updated Items will be displayed on top of the list with the following order:
  1. Pending Handshakes
  2. New Guest Voting Visits
  3. Donator Comics
  4. The other comics
Miscellaneous Notes
  • To vote reciprocally you need to submit a comic to the current month's list (Next month you don't need to submit again, only add to the month's list).
  • The vote buttons on the page are already a vote action, not a link to the TWC form (after voting, a new window opens with the "Thank you" page).
  • The list stores information about who voted and received votes, each comic has a ratio: Authors which voted a lot but received few votes are pushed to the top of the list, on the other hand those that received a lot of votes but voted few times are pushed to the end of the list.
  • The "Author's Last Vote" statistic helps keep track of those authors that gave up voting.
  • It also stores information for each month independently.
  • When a vote is performed the button becomes inactive until the next day (each button displays the remaining time).
  • User identification is made through a 10digit private code (used in the bookmarked url), no logins required.
  • "Test" button is a multi-purpose tool:
    vote on your own comic; test TWC availability; test voting process.
  • The attendance percentage is a ratio: days with votes vs the others (no votes/not joined)
    The number after the percentage "(-Xd)" denotes a late join, the bar shows the last 7 days activity (red = day with no votes, orange = negative ratio (given < received), green = positive ratio (given >= received))
  • The icon at the beginning of every row in the list shows today's pending attendance status
Start List (June 2020)
Submissions will start in 1.4d
TWC Vote Comics Interface
Developed by jonufele